Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About clam diggers

The “clam diggers” meme began as a joke. A woman made the statement, “I am so annoyed by clam diggers.” This is a joke, in that the person making the statement is making a joke, but we’ve now developed into a meme. The idea of being “clam diggers” is so common that we can’t help but laugh when people joke about the idea.

The first person to make the meme, in late 2008, was a woman named Emily at the University of Pennsylvania in the US. She made the meme because so many people were looking for the meme to be true that they started making jokes that related to it. There was no idea of who the person was, but many others were amused. The latest example we have is the actress and author of the book, Joe Abercrombie.

This is not surprising, because we are all looking for ways to make people laugh. By making jokes about the idea of being a clam digger, there is already a lot of people who think it is hilarious.

The funny thing is that people are so desperate for a laugh that it actually feels like a meme was created around the idea of being a clam digger. The first sign you find that someone is making a joke about the idea of being a clam digger is when the joke is repeated. It’s like a catch-all for people’s need for something to laugh at.

What makes it even more hilarious is that the joke is not only funny, but the jokes are not just limited to clam diggers. The jokes are actually designed with a bit of satire and satire is always funny, so the jokes are not just funny, they are also a bit of satire. These jokes have been designed to be so funny because they are based off of a very famous joke.

This is not the first time we’ve heard of the “clam digger” joke. In fact, this joke is so well-known that a group of men actually created a website called “clamdigger.com” to host the jokes. So this joke is not only funny, but it’s also well-known.

A joke is funny in part because it is an amalgamation of two very famous jokes. The first joke, the clams, uses an old timey phrase popularized by the British comedian Bob Harris in the 1980s that says that a clamshell is a fish. This is the first time the joke is used to describe a person.

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