do bananas grow in africa

In this video, I answer some of the most common questions I get about bananas growing in Africa.

The very first video I uploaded to YouTube in 2007 contained a story about bananas growing in Africa, complete with a video clip of a banana growing in the Sahara Desert. Naturally, I wanted to make a video about the video. That’s what I did. Then as I watched the video, I got a question from a user called “Sleeping” about the bananas.

I don’t know about you, but I love bananas. I have several varieties, including ‘Granada’ and ‘Cavendish.’ I love bananas as much as I would love a chocolate-covered banana (or a banana sundae), which is why I’m so happy when I get a banana from a neighbor who is a super fan of bananas.

A video that I love and that I’ve seen on Youtube is Banana in the Sahara. I don’t know if it’s the most amazing banana video ever made, but it is an amazing video of the bananas in the Sahara. If you’re a fan of bananas and have never seen this video, this is a great video to check out. I hope you enjoy it.

In the video, we see a bunch of bananas growing in the Sahara Desert, but the camera crew can’t seem to reach them. The bananas are so far away from the camera that it is hard to see what they are doing. Even if the bananas were in a large bowl of water, they would be too far away for the camera crew to get to them.

What the video shows is that this is a great place to grow bananas. They are a tropical plant that are prolific in the desert, and they are also known for their flavor and nutritional value, especially when compared to the “normal” ones in the grocery store. I wish I would have known about this video when I was in college.

This is a good place to start thinking about the bananas you want to grow. They are a green plant with a nice tropical aroma, but one thing I wish I knew about them is that they are no more than 6 inches tall. On the other hand, this is the kind of banana that looks like a small loaf of bread.

If you are planning to grow bananas, you will need some sort of support to grow them. This is where a banana tree will help you out. It is not only an effective support but also an easy way to get your hands on the banana plant. It does require a bit of time to harvest the bananas, but once you have them, you can plant them in the ground and they will grow quickly. You can usually get them at a store that sells banana plants, or at a nursery.

To grow bananas, you need to grow them. It’s a very quick process, but it requires time. You will need some sort of plant-growth support that is good for the crop. This is your initial support. The plants that you need to grow are the ones that you want to grow. In the beginning, you will only grow bananas until you have three to four weeks to get them to grow into a fruit.

The banana plant is usually planted in the soil. You want it to take up root before you get it to grow. For the most part, the banana plant will take up root before you get it to grow.

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