How to Explain doodle cake to Your Mom

I don’t know if you’ve seen this cake, but it’s amazing. It’s called a “doodle cake” because it’s made with a lot of dough and lots of gooey, sweet jam. It takes patience but is so very worth it.

I would always look for something better than jelly and jam to doodle on, but in this case, this cake looks great. I like the doodle with the jam on it, and the fact that the jam is just so sweet. It looks like buttercream, but it’s more like jam and jelly than anything else.

As we all know, the jam in this cake is made of jelly. But I bet you never thought about what happens when you doodle while eating your jam. I mean, if you doodle while eating this doodle cake, you are probably going to be sick. If you doodle while eating the jam, you are going to die.

The truth is that most people don’t doodle while eating because they don’t think they’re doing it. They think that all they’re doing is putting on a cake. That’s not true. When you doodle while eating your jam, you’re actually putting your own life in danger. Just like when you doodle outside, you’re actually putting yourself in danger. You can’t do that unless you’re doing it right.

The doodle cake thing is a fun little gag. But the reason you should doodle while eating your jam is because the jam tastes better when you doodle. It goes back to the very first time I ate jam, when I was about 5 years old.

A doodle cake is essentially a food porn. A doodle cake is basically a large amount of jam that has been doctored up into a much smaller amount of jam that is much more delicious. The trick is that the amount of jam in the cake is quite large, so if you doodle while eating your jam, you can end up eating a lot of jam, which is deadly.

I love DooDle cakes. We’ve been trying to make them for years. Some are made with jam, which is quite delicious but can be a bit fiddly, and some are made with just jam, which is much more easy to do. You can make doodle cakes that taste exactly like jam, but just have a slightly lighter touch.

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