Forget ethical eating: 3 Replacements You Need to Jump On

What would be a good title for this article? It should be about how to make ethical eating a part of your daily life.

Many ethical eating websites have some great information about this subject. If you have specific questions about what is ethical eating, I invite you to check out the list of sites at the beginning of this article.

The problem is that many of these sites don’t tell you what they do, so you’re not sure whether you should be following suit or not. In my experience, I have seen a lot of people follow the “don’t do things that are unethical” advice, only to find that these sites were telling them to do things that weren’t ethical. I often advise people looking for information about ethical eating to take a look at the sites at the beginning of this article.

First of all, there are no ethical eating sites. Second, there are many sites that are not so ethical. Third, I personally recommend reading the fine details of whatever ethical eating site you are looking at.

While that may be true, if you are looking for information on ethics in general, read my article on the subject.

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