Why We Love fireweed jelly (And You Should, Too!)

This jelly is made from the flowers of the fireweed, a succulent that grows in the Pacific Northwest. Its flavor is unique and complex, perfect for enjoying as a snack or topping for dinner.

Sounds pretty good to me, but fireweed is actually really pretty. In fact, it’s one of the most beautiful plants I’ve ever seen. The thing about succulents is that they’re so pretty and perfect that they actually look like little gems when they’re alive. But they die, and then the only way that we can see them is through the petals of their flowers.

Fireweed is actually one of my favorite plants, but it also is very pretty. To me, it has a great appeal in that it can be found everywhere, but it also is very much unlike anything else, and so I find myself looking for these petals every time I want to see the little red and orange jewels. Thats why I love it.

Like I said, petal petal.

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