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I asked my sister to come over and help me brew my beer. I had never brewed or even made a beer before, but it was on my list, so I was excited. I had the recipe and was ready to get it started. Once it was boiling I removed the lid and turned it on. It took a couple of minutes for the water to come to a boil. After that it was time to measure, pour, and wait for it to cool.

It took me less than five minutes all told to get my first batch of 7 brew. I poured two of the same at a time, measuring out one gallon. The first gallon was a half-gallon, and the second gallon was half-a-gallon. After the first gallon had cooled I then added the second gallon, which was half-a-gallon, and it tasted exactly like a regular 7 brew.

The second way I’ve found to test 7 brew is a small, one-gallon glass vessel. If you pour only a small amount of 7 brew, it’s quite likely you’ll get a very, very bitter taste. So if you’re in the mood for a really dark 7 brew you’ll want to give it a shot to see if it’s any good.

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