How to Explain kool aid popsicles to Your Boss

In this video, I’m introducing you to my favorite easy popsicle recipe. I chose the kool-aid based on my childhood experiences of eating the most kool-aid flavored popsicle ever. I’ve had more than a few different flavors over the years but this one is probably my favorite. You can also check out the whole video, but in the meantime, enjoy this video.

Popcicles are one of my favorite snacks to have in the summer, but they are also one of the most versatile. Kool-aid popsicles are made with fruit juice instead of syrup like you would to dip into a beer can. The sweetness is subtle and not overwhelming, and they are tasty, but it’s also just as easy to make them with a regular popsicle container.

The key is to have a good fruit juice, and you can find a wide variety of fruit juice flavors. Personally, I prefer the sweet strawberry infused kool-aid kind.

My favorite kool-aid flavor is the strawberry flavored kind, as it tastes even better than the strawberry flavored kool-aid kind. But I also like the raspberry flavored kind a lot, because it has a bit more of a sour flavor. And the orange flavored kind is really good as well.

I just want you to try these popsicles.

If you have any of these, you can order them online or at one of our local Wal-Marts.

Ok, I can’t stand my pop-cicle, so I’ll stop. But I do love these popsicles. The sweet strawberry kind are a great choice for a kids snack, and they’re much better than the strawberry flavored ones. I’m also a fan of the raspberry flavored kind.

The best part of these pop-cicle pops is that they make a great snack for kids. It’s also nice to have a couple of these in your freezer so you can take them out anytime.

If you want to see a sample, check out the video below.

If you’re in the mood for a pop-cicle, check out some of our recent videos on the subject.

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