No Time? No Money? No Problem! How You Can Get patron margarita recipe With a Zero-Dollar Budget

The recipe for this margarita was given to me by my friend and colleague, Melissa of Melissa’s Pizza. The addition of the Patron rum and Patron sparkling water gives me a creamy, refreshing drink that won’t leave you feeling sleepy or overly full.

The recipe is a little too complicated to post here, but if you want to try it out then you can find the recipe on the official website.

The recipe includes eight simple ingredients, which really do seem to be the key to a great drink. I have no idea if you can make a drink with less than eight ingredients, but it seems likely if you can’t it’s because you’ve got a lot of ingredients in your cupboard.

The margarita recipe does include a little more than eight ingredients, but I would imagine you can use whatever ingredients are in your cupboard to make a good margarita. There are a few ingredients that seem to make a good margarita, but you can always use them in other recipes, too. For example, you can use rum if you are making a rum drink.

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