This Week’s Top Stories About sopa crema de brócoli

Our next batch of brócoli will be the very best one yet. The first batch is always the worst. Some things just never do.

The first batch of brócoli was definitely the worst. Some things just never do. For example, how many brócoli were eaten in the ’80s? I’d hazard a guess that the answer would be zero. I also suspect that most of the brócoli would not be alive today.

In the time I’ve been eating brócoli I’ve never had to watch out for my own health, but I’m sure I could give it a go. The problem is that it comes from a vegetable that can be contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Brócoli are one of the first foods to be exposed to toxins or potentially harmful bacteria, and that’s why they’re typically the first things I eat with my lunch.

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